Pronunciation exercises

Different Pronunciation exercises based on “listen and repeat” of both medical terms and nonmedical words help you to:

  • progressively acquire correct English pronunciation and rhythm
  • hear the difference between British Pronunciation, American pronunciation or even Australian Pronunciation
  • pronounce words with special endings, e.g. ending in 'ic', 'ical', 'ine'...
  • or words with silent letters or special sounds, such as 'ea' or 'qu' sounds...

Word stress

  • in each unit, word stress is given for all difficult words being explained
  • Special word stress exercises are given

A simple guide to pronunciation

Talking Medicine provides word stress indication for all the words which are explained:

  • the syllable on which the main stress is placed is underlined
  • secondary stresses in long words are not given

e.g. talk•ing me•di•cine

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