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What Medical English Language Training?
Medical English resources with audio recordings and transcripts, so that you can listen and read at the same time...
How to learn English: a few esl tips
Short tips on how to learn English will help you improve quickly
Listening exercises
Four sorts of listening exercises on different medical topics which you can choose from a list
Short medical reports for a start!
Short medical reports help to improve your listening skills and learn new vocabulary in context.
Clinical Case Studies
Clinical Case Studies based on real-life clinical experience: English as it is really spoken in medicine!
Medical Conferences
Mock Medical Conferences: Feel confident in speaking at medical meetings, express yourself clearly, interact and take part in any conversation in English easily
Medicine abroad can be an opportunity or a necessity, depending on...
Medicine abroad, opportunity or necessity, either looking for best medical schools, or for a good place to practise medicine.
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When Talking Medicine with colleagues or patients, Medical Students, Doctors and Physicians, other Health professionals and Researchers need to possess high-level skills.

Non native English speakers will often need to improve their language skills so that they can communicate medical information adequately:

  • practise English for Medicine with us, improve your fluency and gain confidence in understanding and speaking English in medical situations
  • send us all relevant information that might be useful for visitors interested in your country

Native English speakers are also welcome for their expertise in their own favorite medical topics and are invited to take advantage of our worldwide exchange.

This site concentrates on listening and speaking skills. It provides:

  • a series of units offering non-native speakers the opportunity to improve their English language in different medical contexts
  • links to sources of medical information
  • medical and other opportunities

Disclaimer: Science and medicine are continually evolving, so that over time new discoveries supplant or complement existing information. This site is intended for use as a basis for improving general communication skills in connection with Medical English. It is not a course in medicine! No responsibility is taken for the accuracy of any specific piece of medical information or any treatment. See general disclaimer.

Talking Medicine is a basis for learning English in medicine, not medicine!